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African Grey

Meet Larry, our African Grey parrot, who is thriving on a nutritious diet and has been lovingly hand-trained. Despite a challenging past in a less-than-ideal environment where he exhibited self-plucking behavior, Larry is now on a promising journey of recovery. With patience and care, he's gradually regaining his confidence and plumage. African Greys like Larry are highly sought-after and can be quite rare to find due to soaring market prices. While we operate on a non-profit basis, it's essential for us to stay abreast of market trends to ensure that Larry finds a loving and stable forever home, and to deter opportunistic resellers. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated in our mission to provide Larry with the best possible care and environment.

Species: Aftrican Grey

Color: Grey / White / Red

Sex: Male

Age: 14 Years

Adoption Fee:

  • Call for details

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