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Does your bird feather pluck, feather pick, mutilate or have behavior problems? 

This great revolutionary new product for feather pluckers, feather pickers and birds with behavior problems has been on the market since January 2005.  Pluck No More for parrots is revolutionary!

Already, many people have called to say their feather plucking cockatoos, African Greys, macaws and small birds have totally feathered up in only a matter of 5 weeks since using this great new product. Feather plucking, feather picking & feather mutilation stops. New feathers stay.  If you’ve been looking for a plucking cure for birds, this will help them stop plucking today!

Many birds that have been screaming all day have calmed down, biters and toe biters have stopped biting and untamable birds have now become tamed. 

Pluck No More is a Homeopathic formula that only Kings Cages sells in the US.  Completely herbal liquid.

Kings Cages Pluck No More (stops feather plucking)

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